Home office No. 6 - Online file management, personal assistant and interactive whiteboard

Today's part closes the series on online tools suitable for work from home. So far, we have introduced you time management tools, mind maps, online surveys, video conferencing and teamwork. This time we will focus on the tools used for online file management, for taking, organizing and archiving notes (personal assistant) and interactive whiteboards.

Online file management

Dropbox is a very popular file storage tool. The Dropbox allows you to insert any file into the specified synchronized folder in the file manager, which will upload this file to the web store and extend it to all synchronized devices. Users can also send data manually directly through the web interface and web browser.

Thanks to this, Dropbox can be considered as an alternative to traditional portable media and other similar forms of data transfer such as FTP or email attachments. However, the client does not have a limited file size for synchronization, though a file with a maximum size of 10 GB can be uploaded via the web interface.

An interesting advantage of Dropbox is that it synchronizes only the part of the file that has changed, thus reducing the use of the Internet to a minimum. Advanced users have come up with a number of innovative uses of so-called mashup technology, which expand the functionality of Dropbox. These include, for example, sending files to Dropbox via Gmail, using Dropbox as a backup backup of IM clients, and managing passwords.


Box as well as Dprobox securely stores, manages and shares files, photos and documents via the cloud, where up to 10GB of data can be stored for free. The Box application allows easy access to stored data - from a computer or mobile phone. It also offers solutions for various industries such as financial services, education, healthcare, retail, as well as solutions for various areas of business such as marketing, finance, human resources or engineering.

Personal Assistant


Evernote is a service that was created for the purpose of taking various types of notes, ideas, and their subsequent archiving. A note can be formatted text, a web article (either complete or a clip using Webclipper), a photo, or a spoken word. Each note can also include a file attachment. Notes can be organized into notebooks, tagged with labels, can be edited by multiple people, annotated or exported.

Evernote is used to take, organize, and archive various types of notes. You can easily save anything you come across on the Internet. You can return to that later. You can also save your own images and documents, which is especially useful when you need to keep track of a topic you are working on.

Evernote offers:

  • saving various formats - texts, photos, presentations, business cards, videos or audio
  • dictating notes to Evernote by voice
  • self-saving notes
  • save GPS location to notes - if you remember where you saved a note, you can easily search for it by location
  • operation of the application via the web on Windows and OS X, as well as Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone
  • basic version for free (you can buy Plus and Premium versions)

Interactive whiteboard


Jamboard is a digital whiteboard that allows even large teams to sketch ideas and store them in the cloud. They can be accessed from any device. This app is for G Suite customers who own a Jamboard device.

The jamboard looks like a television but in reality it is a digital whiteboard with 4K resolution, HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, focused on team collaboration and integration of Google services. This makes it easy to use Hangouts video conferencing.

A special pen that does not need batteries is used to write on the board. You can delete the written text with a special eraser or by hand. In addition to the pen and eraser, special virtual aids will be available, such as sticky notes or drawing tools. It also supports Google documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and Google Photos. Each individual drawing and notes are stored on Google Drive and are marked as "Jam".


Miro is an online platform for interactive whiteboards that allows teams to collaborate effectively - from brainstorming with digital notes to planning and managing agile workflows. It provides basic functions for Android smartphones and a full-featured application for tablets.

Through the application, you can easily digitize handwritten notes and attach them online to a digital whiteboard and invite team members to collaborate on things. You can upload documents, photos, graphs, spreadsheets, etc.

The main parameters of the application are:

  • organization of ideas wherever we are
  • conversion of written notes into digital form
  • possibility to edit team work
  • possibility of uploading pictures, documents, tables, etc.
  • possibility of sketches and annotations of models, pictures or documents
  • ability to read, add/remove notes


Mural is a tool for team collaboration, for example for brainstorming, work organization, discussion, etc. Thanks to Mural you can collaborate with colleagues online, create canvases, insert cards and other objects and discuss. It serves teams that solve complex challenges, as well as supports thinking about individual proposals or the organization of so-called agile processes.

The tool can be used, for example, to create various canvases such as Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, but also for Persona, Roadmaps or Moodboards. The tool is paid.

Mural offers:

  • lots of templates for new projects, such as prioritization, planning, mind mapping and more
  • inserting various shapes and objects, such as post-it notes, shapes such as arrows, lines, rectangles, circles, icons and images, and various grids (frameworks)
  • free writing, for example using a pencil on a tablet
  • export as image or PDF (it is possible to export both the whole canvas and only a selected part)
  • sharing projects with colleagues in the team or using a link (no need to register)

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