„Scale-up your business“ mentoring program

Are you a young technology-oriented innovative company that has been on the market for a couple of years and is set to grow internationally? Are you looking for resources, contacts and information to help kick-start your growth? Are you considering investor entry and lack the necessary experience? Our mentoring program is here for you!

Scale-ups, companies in the development phase (especially in high-tech fields), which are trying to grow in terms of access to new markets, income and number of employees, are the engine of the economy. In this period, the management of companies solves questions of how to transform the company, how to properly direct its expansion into new markets and how to finance the company's growth. The founders of local start-ups encounter a lack of knowledge and experience with the presentation of their companies, communication with investors, bankers, lawyers, etc., strategic financial planning, the actual expansion abroad, and also with the actual building and management of companies.

"Scale-up your business" program was created in response to the needs of growing companies. The program combines education and top advice tailored for companies in form of company presentation in front of an expert panel and individual mentoring.

The program is led by a team of mentors from the TC Prague with experience in fundraising and business support, and from the commercial sector. The members of the expert team are experienced entrepreneurs, investor representatives, business angels, corporate representatives and experts from various fields, as well as a certified scale-up coach.

Participation in the program enables companies to think through their business plans and expansion and fundraising strategies. Thanks to the independent view of the expert panel and the mentoring of TC Prague team, companies gather valuable suggestions for improving or reworking their business plans and pitches for investors, gain contacts and knowledge, not only from a series of seminars and workshops, but also by sharing experiences among the program participants.

If you are interested in participating in the program, please contact:

Silvia Jirásková, jiraskova@tc.cz, 234 006 175

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„Scale-up your business“ mentoring program

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