Intellectual property rights consultancy

The development of enterprises and its new products and services necessarily imply a fundamental question how these innovative items can be protected against any potential copycats, pirates and / or any other forms of IPR violations. In the Czech Republic, these aspects are often underestimated which, in turn, may result in expensive and time-consuming court cases.

The Department of Business Development helps the Czech SMEs to navigate better in a complex field of intellectual property rights. We provide our clients with basic, simple and user-friendly pilot information about existing legal possibilities and tools that can be used to protect their intellectual and industrial property rights. We also rise the general IPR awareness among SMEs through a variety of free-of-charge seminars, workshops, conferences, and dedicated publications.

In addition, we offer to individual SMEs a range of personalized and completely discrete consultancies on aspects of future market applications of innovative products and services that are commonly intertwined with the above mentioned IPR issues. Where appropriate, we also advise our clients on current grant support programmes and / or other financial sources that can be used to develop further their specific innovative ideas.

We are ready to provide on your behalf specific tailored IPR searches covering state-of-the-art in a technological field of your interest and / or to scout selected IPR activities of your potential competitors. We also provide contacts on relevant national and international organizations and individual professionals dealing with specific aspects of IPR protection.

In case of professional questions, contact:

Václav Suchý,, 234 006 163

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