Home office No. 5 - Team work

We have focused on time management tools, mind maps, online surveys and video conferencing in previous episodes.

Microsoft Teams

It is a tool for teamwork in the Microsoft office 365. Employees in the company can chat together, arrange meetings or make calls, wherever there is an Internet connection.

As part of the chat, you can send GIFs, stickers and emoji, both in group chats and individual conversations. You can switch from group chat to video conferencing instantly by the touch of a button. Whether the team has 10 or 10,000 members, it can meet in one place, no matter how many places it joins. You can also open, share and edit Microsoft Word documents as well as PowerPoint and Excel files in real time.


Trello is an easy, flexible, visual tool, the free way to manage your projects and organize anything.

It is a web application for project management, team work planning or also for students to schedule time assignments. The user creates a bulletin board for one project, assigns several columns for tickets to the project (eg. ideas, to do, just done, finished) and gradually adds tickets so that he does not miss anything. Columns (number and names) are created by each user.

Trello works as a web resp. cloud application. Everything runs on Trella servers, nothing is installed on the computer. Access is via a browser as well as on a Facebook. The application is undemanding, so there is no risk of browser crashing or team display response.


Remote computer management, an office suite, a calendar, and handing out tasks to people in your business are only a fraction of what the ZOHO toolkit can do. The most used tools are ZOHO CRM (for customer relationship management), ZOHO Projects and ZOHO Sprints (for project management and agile project management), ZOHO Desk (for Service and Help Desk operation), ZOHO Workplace (contains email, text editor, spreadsheets, presentations and file repositories), ZOHO Books and ZOHO Inventory (for accounting and warehouse management), ZOHO People (for HR agenda) and more.

ZOHO offers its solutions also for free. This free version is made for individual users who do not have the requirements for teamwork and can do with basic functionality There are several other levels (Standard, Professional), to the Enterprise version, in which it meets the demands of demanding individual users and large work teams in large companies.

An interesting package is ZOHO ONE, which includes a set of all ZOHO applications for about CZK 800 per user. All applications in this set are in the Enterprise version, so at the highest level. The only condition is that this application package is used by all users who are connected to the email.

G suite

G Suite is a subscription to cloud services and office applications from Google. The G Suite subscription has been on the market since 2006 and is available for companies and entrepreneurs who do not need to work with documents created in Microsoft Office. It is popular in companies mainly due to the popular Gmail e-mail and Google Disk cloud storage, so there is no need to invest in servers.

Google G Suite offers:

  • email server - Gmail
  • video conferencing - Hangouts
  • Calendars - Google Calendar
  • social network for business - Google+
  • data storage - Google Disk
  • email and chat archiving - Google Safe

Office applications:

  • text editor - Google Docs Documents
  • Spreadsheet Editor - Google Docs Spreadsheets
  • creating forms - Google Docs Forms
  • creating presentations - Google Docs Presentations

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