Home office No. 4 - Video conferencing

There is no need to explain the importance of video conferencing when the majority of us is working from home, below we offer a summary of suitable tools. We have introduced yet time management tools used to create mind maps and support online surveys.


Zoom offers high quality video and audio, the application is equipped with group chat options. One host can have up to 100 participants, and all of them can be video and conference involved. Optional app add-ons allow for larger appointments, enhanced audio capabilities, enhanced cloud uploads, room linking software, and webinar tools that can be added at any time during the subscription year. It is able to connect more conference rooms, meetings or it is possible to participate in important meetings from home, from your own mobile phone or computer.


Slack is a platform that allows you to use public channels, private groups and direct messaging. It replaces emails easily as well as text messages and messages in Messenger and WhatsApp. The application allows involvement in multiple teams, facilitates switching between chats of different topics. Works on both iOS and Android operating systems.

The application also allows you to share files, presentations, photos and videos with team members. All information is available in one place, in real time and available anywhere. You can create alerts, to-do lists, polls, or import events from Google Calendar, or integrate the app with tools like Dropbox, Asanam, Google+, Twitter, Zendesk, and more.

Google Hangouts

Hangouts is a mobile app from Google that combines classic text chat and video calls made through Google+. Conversations sync across all devices you use, so you can join your work anywhere. Works on Android, iOS and web devices.

Hangouts lets you:

  • send messages - you can start communication with only one person or you can chat with more people at once in a group chat - up to 10 people
  • make video calls (with up to 9 other people)
  • Make calls - Almost all calls to the U.S. and Canada are free from any country where Hangouts calling is available. However, calls are not available to all countries.
  • send SMS messages - messages can be sent on Android devices, via Google Voice phone number and on other devices.
  • share photos


Whereby provides video conferencing services. It is free for 4 participants, it can be extended to 12 participants for a fee, and it is not a problem to expand the service further.

The advantage is that there is no need to install anything and create accounts. The program is a web service and will pass through possible restrictions in the corporate network. Only low-skilled users can have trouble enabling the camera and microphone. Whereby also offers a smartphone app, where it usually works very well from the first time. Whereby offers a lot of features needed for video conferencing, such as screen sharing, both from a computer and a mobile phone.


Skype is a classic for video conferencing. You can join up to fifty people to a Skype video conference, depending on the quality of the computer from which the call is activated. If you use the Skype version for the web, you do not need an account, but the application already does, which can be a problem for potential participants.

The option for companies is used by managers or employees who do not want to spend time on the road for meetings and prefer to connect with customers remotely. They also use it for quick chat.

Skype benefits for businesses

  • connect to the meeting from any device
  • scheduling Skype appointments from Outlook
  • external connection without the need to have a license
  • connection via telephone network
  • add contacts from Skype
  • HD video conferencing
  • sharing screens, documents, whiteboards
  • possibility of virtual hall
  • possibility to set caller roles
  • Integration with Office 365 and Office applications

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