Home office No. 3 - Online Surveys

In today's episode, we will look at tools suitable for online surveys as part of the "Home office" series. In previous episodes, we have introduced so far tools working with time management and enabling the creation of mind maps.


SurveyMonkey is available for free for 10 questions and 100 answers. In the paid version it offers advanced options, including logical connections and clever analysis.

The tool offers:

  • CRM and email integration
  • multimedia issues
  • response verification
  • integration of social media and third parties
  • trend monitoring
  • text analysis
  • content store
  • template library
  • advanced branching of questionnaires

Google Forms

A popular platform that is free without restrictions. All you have to do is to create an account and you can start creating questionnaires. Google Forms are not localized into the Czech language, but their use is relatively intuitive and sufficient for occasional work with questionnaires.

The tool allows:

  • easy creation with the "Grab - drag - drop" tool
  • embedding multimedia
  • own logic
  • real-time response information
  • automatic summaries
  • access control
  • data validation rules
  • multi-user collaboration


This web-based tool helps businesses of all sizes create online surveys with a variety of assignments - from getting simple feedback, to measuring customer loyalty to educational projects. It enables comprehensive creation of questionnaires and their management in real time, including evaluation. It also offers:

  • data analysis tools
  • email marketing
  • mobile surveys
  • branching questions
  • multimedia support


Survio is a popular and widespread tool for measuring customer satisfaction, marketing research, employee evaluation and other online questionnaires and surveys. Working with it is easy and you can create up to 100 questionnaires per month for free.

Survio offers:

  • 17 types of questions
  • 100+ ready-made graphic templates
  • 70+ sample questionnaires
  • 94% customer satisfaction
  • 2048-bit SSL security


It is an easy-to-use tool that serves many purposes. It is suitable for marketing surveys, opinion polls, online registration, online forms and online exams. It enables easy monitoring of results and communication with respondents.

It also offers:

  • free version on a large scale: up to 1000 respondents, all types of questions unlocked
  • up to 2 weeks of surveys
  • KwikResponse tool to reduce the rate of early abandonment of the questionnaire
  • KwikBuild tool for more efficient questionnaire design

Zoho survey

The Zoho survey is a separate part of the Zoho group of management and marketing tools. It allows you to create more than 25 types of questions and has many topics and styles that can give the questionnaire a special format.

It also offers:

  • CRM integration
  • automatic notification
  • customer database
  • customizable questionnaire and report templates
  • real-time data, reminders of key milestones
  • Reports & Statistics
  • integration of social media, e-mail and third parties

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