COVID19 - Czech Technologies: Protective shields for doctors and professionals from a 3D printer

The world's leading manufacturer of 3D printers - Prusa Research a.s. launched a unique project of 3D production of protective shields for doctors and professionals in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The company produces protective equipment in its 3D printer and distributes it free of charge to the necessary units in the Czech Republic. Based on previous cooperation with Enterprise Europe Network CR, it is necessary to inform the professional public about the possibilities of involvement in this initiative, see more here.

Protective shields were developed over 3 days primarily as disposables and were consulted with the Ministry of Health and physicians. They are not certified by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, but are classified as a means of protection for work in difficult conditions.

Shields made on their 3D printers (with the support of the 3D printing community) are delivered free of charge to all hospitals, general practitioners, dispensaries, dentists, pharmacies, police officers and other professionals. Furthermore, for example, in retirement homes or grocery stores. 

The company does not want to pay for shields (on average, production costs 150 thousand crowns every day). If someone wants to support this activity, a transparent account 2801792692/2010 has been created (you can monitor account movements here). Prusa warns that it does not ask for money from doctors and other professionals. As of April 7, 2020, 53,250 shields (+19,000 from the community) have been delivered for the company so far.

"The idea is that all the necessary instructions and procedures are published on the Internet and the 3D printing community will then be able to offer the production of shields locally to those most in need. We are already being contacted by professionals from some US states, the United Kingdom or Bulgaria, ”says Josef Průša.

Files for 3D shield printing here

Assembly instructions here

Information on shield sterilization here

Further information for TC: Jiří Vavřínek,

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