Home office No. 1 - Time management

The current situation has forced many people to work from home. We would like to gradually introduce you to tools that can make your work from home more pleasant and efficient. We will mention, for example, mind maps, tools suitable for online surveys and video conferencing. Today we present tools working with time management.

Time management is a set of procedures, recommendations and tools for time planning, usually to increase the efficiency of time use. Time management includes a wide range of activities, including planning, allocation, goal setting, delegation, time analysis, monitoring and prioritization. Initially, time management was used only for business or work activities, but over time, this field has expanded to personal activities due to growing demands on life.


Remember the milk is a sophisticated system that contains a number of functions for the effective organization of tasks and responsibilities. It is available through the web interface. Its use is free and, in addition, it is localized entirely into Czech.

The tool offers:

  • different geographical locations of tasks
  • integrated Google Maps
  • map of the most frequently used places
  • breakdown by tags
  • application synchronization on multiple devices
  • email and SMS integration

To Do

The Microsoft tool helps you work more productively and manage tasks without stress. It makes it easy to create a plan for each day and organize your time efficiently. It is free and available for all devices.

The tool offers:

  • sharing lists and tasks with friends, family, colleagues and classmates
  • color-coded lists
  • one-off or repeated deadlines and reminders
  • division of tasks into easy-to-manage steps
  • attach notes and files up to 25 MB in size
  • synchronize tasks with Outlook

Google Keep

Google Keep is primarily a note-taking application developed by Google. The service offers the possibility of entering a task, its reminder and marking after completion. It is available as a mobile application for the Android operating system and as a web application.

The application offers:

  • sync with Google Drive
  • web interface for quick access from anywhere
  • sorting, archiving and retrieving tasks
  • clear widget for your Home Page

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