Innovation of the air purifier for ANTI COVID purposes

SENSE Vital Air is company manufacturing innovative air purifier of the same name. The purifier is mainly intended for cleaning the air from pollen particles, airborne dust particles and volatile matter molecules. The company successfully cooperated with the Technology Centre CAS during market launch of this product.

In the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company realized the opportunity and decided to apply a new type of HEPA filter to the device using nanofibers, which promised greater efficiency in capturing the virological load in the environment. To place this filter, it was necessary to make minor design changes, which were successfully applied to the currently manufactured product series.

Proof tests had to be performed to verify the effectiveness in capturing the virological burden. The company SENSE Vital Air s.r.o. therefore turned to the Technology Centre CAS with a request to select a suitable partner for performing these tests within services of Enterprise Europe Network CZ.

Experts from the Technology Centre CAS helped to address a number of institutions in the field of materials testing. Although these organizations are very busy during the pandemic, filter test was carried out in collaboration with company Protronix. During the tests, it was shown that thanks to the new filter, 99.99375% of the particles with size of the virus will be captured.

The use of a new type of filter and its adaptation to the purifier construction raised new product line Sense Vital Air Antivirus +. This antiviral air purifier can be used in times of pandemic in the homes of at-risk people, places of people gathering, but also in hospitals and surgeries.

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