The International Research Center Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) demands drones

The Laue-Langevin Institute (ILL) is an international research center in Grenoble, France. It plans to replace the currently used drones with a model with improved ergonomics. Drones are required if an extreme crisis at the ILL site makes it impossible to deploy routine radiological monitoring procedures. They are used to discard gamma sensors and take air samples. The ILL needs two drones, each capable of completing the entire mission: ie, dropping gamma sensors (provided by the ILL) at several predefined locations and air sampling using a slide (provided by the ILL), also at predefined locations.

The supplier must:

  • provide a feasibility study of the project with respect to the ILL environment and appropriate local constraints
  • supply drones capable of performing the missions described above (design, production, qualification)
  • provide training to ILL users
  • provide preventive maintenance and repair of drones and associated components (equipment control, charger, etc.)
  • In case of failure, the material must be repaired within 5 working days and in case of failure of both drones within 24 hours. The design of the drones must be in accordance with French legislation (arrêté dated 17/12/2015) and must be maintained in accordance with the regulations as they evolve over time. Test and qualification flights must comply with the applicable airspace use regulations (DGAC authorization).

French must be used in all related documents as well as in on-site training.

Estimated timetable:

  • Date for response to demand: no later than 7 May 2020
  • Date of the call for tenders: May 2020
  • Closing date: June 2020
  • Conclusion of a contract with the winner of the tender: July 2020

Another demand from ILL - for a centralized technical management system - here.

For more information contact: Jiří Janošec (Industry Liaison Officer for cooperation with ILL Grenoble), 234 006 136,

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