Czech pallets of Stabilplastik made of 100% recycled material have reached Scandinavia

Stabilplastik manufactures and sells plastic transport pallets and mobile barriers made of recycled mixed plastic, which are again 100% recyclable. Pallets produced in this way have a number of advantages over conventional wooden pallets: they are maintenance-free, resistant to moisture, most acids, mold and insects. They are also hygienic, so they are successfully used to transport food. Thanks to waste-free production, they do not burden the environment with further waste and have a lower CO2 footprint than pure plastic or wooden pallets.

The beginnings of the cooperation between Stabilplastik and the Enterprise Europe Network CR date back to 2016. At that time, the company was expanding its production facilities in Měšice near Prague and looking for new business opportunities. In order to map well and understand the needs of the company as well as possible, we conducted a structured interview with the company's managing director, Mr. Luxembourg, and monitored the company's development and needs on a regular basis.

In order to support internationalization and search for business opportunities abroad, we helped the company process offers for the Network database, which is one of the tools for establishing new partnerships. This database has become a place where the Danish company Nortech Solutions has attracted the attention of Stabilplastik's range of plastic pallets. We connected the companies and after a short intensive negotiations, both parties agreed at the end of last year on an exclusive partnership for the Scandinavian market. The cooperation between the two companies is developing promisingly and new opportunities are opening up, which can lead to new joint business projects.

The opening of the Nordic markets is a response to the growing demand for products that meet the requirements of the circular economy and zero production of additional waste. This topic is beginning to resonate among the big players in the field of food production and distribution. Stabilplastik is an important player in this environment: it spreads the principles of circular resource management and gradually changes the market. One such pioneering move is the planned pilot project for the circulation of green pallets between Globus and Nestlé, which can serve as an example of social responsibility in practice and thus trigger greater social change to promote responsible and sustainable waste management.

We will continue to cooperate with Stabilplastik and help bring their products further to European markets or seek resources to finance new projects and the company's development.

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